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one thing i’ve learned while on this weight loss journey – you’ve got to eat right.
you can put in hours in the gym, lift as many weights as you want, and run miles on miles but if your diet consists of you over-eating or even just eating plan ol’ garbage you’re not going to get the healthy body you’re working towards.
over the least year i’ve found some staple meals that keep me full, are cheap, and overall pretty dang healthy.

i’m a high-protein and veggies and LOW CARB eater.
i try to limit my carbs to the occasional whole wheat wrap, brown rice, oats, and a hamburger bun + fries on a lovely weekend.
i’m also a HIGHLY CHEAP individual, so my meals need to be able to stretch, the dollar and the number of times i can eat it. i do admit that i splurge on organic meats and sometimes veggies at the local health store.
so with that being said i want to introduce y’all to a new staple recipe that is cheap, easy, delicious, and full of flavor + protein!


sausage + veggie goodness

turkey sausage (i used butterball)
zucchini (i used 2)
squash (i used 2)
cherry tomatoes
minced garlic

1 | put some oil and minced garlic in the skillet and start cooking (medium heat)
2 | slice up turkey sausage and put in skillet – cook thoroughly (upwards 7 minutes)
3 | while cooking sausage – slice zucchini, squash, tomatoes
4 | add veggies to skillet
5 | put on your favorite spices (i use a few different pre-packaged blends)
6 | mix around / maybe even put a lid over skillet for a little while (this is what i do for my meats/veggies because it keeps them moist)
7 | eat as is – or over rice/noodles
8 | you’re welcome 😉


what is one of your favorite staple meals?
do you have a go-to place to look for new healthy recipes? 

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