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it’s been hot here.
like – stupid out-of-character-for-june hot. the last few weeks have had a heat index of over 105 and you basically walk outside and feel like you’re walking through a swimming pool, it’s been lovely.
as a native charlestonian i’ve long since learned to embrace the humidity and the feeling of back sweat – it’s just a part of our lovely life. what i have never been able to fully embrace is rompers.
i just didn’t understand them – and all that i tried on let me looking, well, like an overweight kid during their awkward years. recently i saw a friend of mine wearing this sweet romper that i kind of fell in love with – i asked her where she got it and immediately went to try it on.
it was like cinnamon toast crunch fell from the sky.
it fit perfectly!

it took a few weeks to actually build up the courage to wear it – i guess shorts and pale legs and being comfortable in your own skin can take a while – especially on a fashion trend that has never worked in the past. since that first outing – this is my go to outfit for warm days where i still want to look cute.
i was also a little leery about wearing the hat (for the record i own a LOT of hats, but rarely wear them because a hat + curly hair = horrible hat hair). i’ve since let go of that care and embrace the hat and all of it’s lovely shade it has to offer!

romper | old navy
hat | target dollar section 😉 
necklace | fedeli
earrings | forever21
sandals | dr scholls
clutch | francescas
lipstick | burts bees – #512 fuchsia flood

p.s. anyone else notice that huge crack in the foundation of my house?
yikes – i need to get that checked!

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