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i think my biggest strength is honesty.
it is also my biggest weakness.

over the years i’ve learned how much authenticy is lacking in our world.
so i’ve always strived to be authentic and present things as honestly as possible.
i’ve found a kinship with Paul from scripture – his bluntness and just matter-of-fact words resonate large with me.
i have noticed that i struggle with the balance of presenting my authenticity to others in the most loving way – but i think God has been transforming me to learn the timing of when to deliver with bluntness vs softer edges – but it’s still hard.
i’m the type of woman who just tells you like it is.
if i don’t agree – you’ll know in one form or another.
and as a believer in God – i truly take scripture and that siblingship in Christ thing to heart.

i desire honesty with myself.
me and Jesus have it out a lot.
and i spill my guts out to Him all the while soaking in the forgiveness and the wisdom that only He can bring.
it’s a beautifully real thing. difficult as nails – but i’m so thankful for that unshakable honesty that Jesus dishes out.

i desire honesty with others.
this one is hard; because not everyone wants to be honest with themselves – let alone others.
i’m an over-sharer and i expect others to be the same way.
expectations are rarely close with reality and often they leave you wanting.
so when i expect a certain level of honesty from other people i interact with and don’t receive it – it just kind of shakes me up inside.

i think the more i realize my strength – the more i realize it’s also a struggle for me to accept the strengths of others that are different from mine.
if we really were honest with ourselves we all have to be sharpened.
there are qualities that i have that are beautiful – and there are qualities that still need refinement.
and in my refinement process i crave that grace while i hustle to become more and more like Jesus.
i need to be more willing to offer that grace to others.
especially Christians – as we are all hustling to be refined in some capacity.

so while thinking of my strength today – i realize how delicate the balance is from strength to sin.
it’s easy to be prideful and say “i’m honest and others aren’t” instead of being thankful that my heart is bent towards authenticity when i live in a world of manipulation. so i guess this whole stream of consciousness i’m spewing out is to remind you that even in your greatest strength – look for the areas of refinement.

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