Some Beauty Favorites

This post is sponsored by Lime & LotusAll pictures/opinions are my own.

I can honestly admit that I have always been the girl with way too many products.
Whether it is lotions or perfumes or makeup; I carry a lot of baggage. 😉
The one place I feel no shame in having too many products is hair care.; curly hair requires a ton of products and also a ton of work ha! #AllTheHairProducts
Amy + beauty products is a bad bad combination ((and the $$ let’s talk about the $$, AHH!)).
I limit my purchases to only buy when I’m almost empty with something else – that is the only way I can stop the hoard!

I was walking through one of my favorite stores in downtown Portsmouth when I picked up this scent and was transported back to Charleston.  ILLUME – Golden Honeysuckle Perfume smells just like my childhood with a grown up twist. It was a sweet moment of escape back home, even that night Eddie gave me a hug saying ‘you smell so incredibly good’. That always feels nice when your mate says you smell delicious.
I also have been swearing by Mary Kay’s Firming Eye Creme for my skin care routine ((I need to post about that too!)) It is seriously like putting on a nice mask in a matter of minutes! It just firms up my under eye skin fading away all of the fine lines.

Another current favorite is the Lime & Lotus Lavender Sugar Scrub.
It sits on this little shelf in our shower and whenever I hop in the shower at night I use this scrub to help me relax; it’s like a small spa treatment. The older I’ve gotten the more I LOVE a good exfoliator and a sugar scrub makes me feel like I am really treating my skin to something special. I also really love their peppermint toner; it’s so refreshing! It doesn’t have a strong peppermint smell, it’s just this small little hint of a scent.

To let you in on a fun fact about me: I am consistently on the hunt for youtube videos showing how people style their curly hair!
I used to use a leave-in conditioner that literally consisted of me  just watering down conditioner in an old spray bottle but after a few videos I was convinced I really needed to invest in some spray leave-in conditioner. One of my girlfriends was telling me all about the Kristin Ess hair line at target so I gave the Leave-In Conditioner a try. I will totally admit that the first few times I used it I noticed my scalp was a little itchy but it has since gone away. Overall I really like this spray and will try another one when this one runs out.

Not that I need to have more products to hoard but what products have you stumbled upon recently that you love?
I always enjoy seeing all the things people love and use daily!

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