A Day At Magnolia

When I was planning out the cross country road trip I KNEW I wanted to stop at Magnolia and Maria whole-heartedly agreed (even though let’s be honest I would have gone even if she didn’t HA!). When I was making the trip I knew that we would hit Magnolia on the second day and we happened to show up literally 20 minutes before they were closing which was cutting it super close but also a great time to see it without all the crowds. We walked around that evening and were both quietly telling ourselves to take a step back and not buy all the things. We walked through the shop and I was consistently floored by all the pretty things and ALL the things I wanted to buy but didn’t allow myself to because there was no room at all in the car. I actually didn’t take my camera with me the first night we were there as we didn’t think we would make it in time to actually walk through. I’m honestly kind of happy I didn’t take it because I was able to soak it all in and just enjoy the store without capturing it.
I LOVED their kitchen set-up inside as well as their seed & supply store, I want to re-build that sucker for a photography studio and just take everything that’s inside home with me hah. I could definitely see myself gleaning some design inspirations (as always) from the lovely Jo + Chip!

The next morning we went back (early) to get in line at the bakery.
We both KNEW we wanted to get some treats to start our morning and to fuel us for the drive. I got the Prized Pig which was this delicious buttery biscuit that was HUGE and filling as well as a chocolate chip cookie (because why not at 8 in the morning?!) that was also huge and tasty!
It started to slowly rain and we were still able to walk around the grounds (the store didn’t re-open for like an hour) and enjoy just being there. We had received a flyer the day before about the huge warehouse sale so we drove over to this HUGE convention center, found parking, and it started to POUR so we kind of half-ran in our ill-chosen shoes to the warehouse where it was a legit madhouse. I walked around looking at everything and found a few things at a price point I was comfortable with but when I saw the line to check out – it just wasn’t worth it to me to actually wait in line for the few items. We ran back to the car (still pouring rain) and drove back to the hotel to load up and start the drive to our next stop.

Overall I really enjoyed our SHORT stop in Waco Texas.
It was a great way to break up the long days of driving and I do wish we had more time to explore the area and see more of what the sweet town had to offer, but alas we were on a schedule and had to keep moving!

A few things I noticed about Magnolia:

+ It really is beautiful. You can tell that a lot of thought and care went into designing their shops and making it feel inviting and like home.

+ The sales associates were so kind and incredibly helpful. I personally didn’t require any help but I watched them interact with many customers who had questions/thoughts and was impressed by their patience and knowledge.

+ They have a shipping station at their store! YUP. I didn’t realize they had that and I’m glad we got there late that night otherwise I may have made Eddie cry with what all I could have had shipped to our new home.

+ I didn’t expect it to be in the middle of the city. I don’t know why I had it in my mind that it was like in a field somewhere (obviously I don’t pay attention) but it was definitely in the middle of kind of the older downtown area. We got there late and early enough to not have to worry about parking but I could see it being a struggle on their normal busy days.


Wild At Heart Tee c/o / Jeans / Cross Over Slide Sandals* c/o / Backpack

***I do want to give a little info on these sandals because I feel like they deserve some recognition. This company is not creates beautifully designed items but they hire high potential women in Uganda to make sandals to enable them to earn money through dignified employment that will go directly towards their college educations and ensure they will continue pursuing their dreams. In addition to their work in Uganda, they design and source ethically made products from East Africa. Sseko believes that good business can be an incredibly powerful force for positive social change. Sseko products are all made in Africa and create jobs, empower artisans and help end the cycle of poverty by building healthy communities and economies.
* They are also so comfy and cushioned and I’ve basically been wearing them non-stop!

Have you been to Magnolia?
What did you love the most about it and what surprised you?

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