The Grand Canyon

I’m quickly becoming a lover of everything dealing with The National Parks.
Eddie & I were able to visit Acadia National Park last year and it was breath taking and in that moment I knew I wanted to see more, do more, and explore more.
When Maria & I were figuring out our stops for the cross country road trip we both decided that visiting the Grand Canyon was a non-negotiable. Like most who hadn’t visited the canyon I poured over images and my mind filled with wonder that something so vast and detailed was formed over so many years and within our own borders. We were able to make the drive up to Williams Arizona and stayed at the La Quinta there since we had Tobi and needed a safe place to keep him and rest for the night. After unloading the car we got back on the road and made the hour drive to the south entrance of the canyon where we showed my National Park Pass and then hit the road up to the crest. With it being the winter season and us getting there after lunch time the crowds were minimal and we were able to really soak everything in.

I think we ended up standing on the edge for a solid hour just staring out at all of the vastness that is the Grand Canyon.
It really is Grand.
We then took a small stroll to see a few different angles before hoping back in the car and heading back to the hotel.
I do wish we had been able to have more time to hike and explore and really make a trip out of it but knowing we were getting back on the road early the next day made it impossible to plan out anything more than just sitting and staring at the majesty of it all. Awesome enough, Eddie & I only live 8 hours away so making a weekend trip back isn’t out of the question!

To be honest as I sat at the foot of the Canyon and absorbed the details I was quickly made aware of how small I am.
Later that night I found myself reflecting on life and the value we bring to it; the ability we have to make waves and spur movements and change lives. This national monument is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen; it’s vast and intrinsic and full of wonder and yet there it stands. Yes it has the ability to make an impact on a life, and it will change and erode slowly over time yet people flock to see it, to marvel at it, and to cross it off of a bucket list. I wonder what my life would look like if I put as much enthusiasm as I had to see the Grand Canyon into my relationships with others, into my business, into my marriage, into my family, into…everything. I can only imagine the change that would ripple out and turn into a whole new current.

Quick Facts

Where we stayed: La Quinta Inn & Suites – Williams, Arizona (about one hour away from the south entrance to the canyon)

Outfit Details: My sweatshirt% / Leggings / Hiking shoes (similar) / Sandals% / Headband

Time of Year: January – This made for a chill in the air and lots of wind! There was till snow on parts of the canyon which we weren’t really expecting. So if you’re planning to visit during this time make sure your bring layers and the right kind of footwear!

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