A Cottage Near Sequoia National Park

We needed a break.
Seriously, with Eddie’s schedule and all the crazy that has been going on we needed to get out of town for a few nights, be alone with one another, and soak in some mountain air. Originally we were planning on going to Yosemite National Park but with there being 14+ inches of snow in the last week before we went there and it would STILL be snowing when we arrived we knew we didn’t have the camping gear to make that comfortable. We quickly canceled our campsite reservation and found this beautiful gem on airbnb.

I’ll admit that when it comes to a get-away I really love unwinding in an environment that inspires me. While I fell in love with the pictures of this place it really didn’t do it justice until we walked through the door. Cara, our host, was such a sweet soul who showed us around the converted garage space and pointed out all of the amenities and made us feel so welcomed. She then asked if wanted to see the rest of the house (which you can also rent!) and I jumped at the chance with an enthusiastic yes! Eddie & I were pretty much floored at the craftsmanship and true character that shone through each and every room. I wanted to just move right on in and sink into the bed with a good book and never leave (especially in the bedroom with the beautiful wood work, long curtains, and right off of the sunroom).

Needless to say this place was exactly what Eddie & I needed to regroup for a few nights and rest our heads after exploring Sequoia ((I can’t wait to share those pictures with y’all)).  Actually Tuesday night it started to rain hard and we were in our own oasis. We snuggled up together to the warmth of the wood burning stove (which is so delightful) and watch Hidden Figures while sleep climbed deeper into our bones. I’m learning more and more how important rest is and that we should take it seriously; I also learned another important lesson that I’ll be sharing soon.

PS – anyone else taking a massive design inspiration from this home?! I definitely love the textures, colors, fabric choices, etc.

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