Exploring Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines is magical.
It was one of the places I was told that I had to visit while living in San Diego and since being here about a month I’ve already been twice (which should tell you how nice it is!). I’m wanting to go multiple more times to explore other hiking trails, to lounge on the beach, to run the coast, and to hopefully even do some portrait sessions there! The first hike I did when Maria was here was the Guy Fleming Trail and it was a beautiful hike that took a little bit of hustle to get there walking from the parking lot but the trail itself offered beautiful views of the water and the city! Once we got back down to the parking lot we walked along the beach and touched the freezing cold water (y’all it’s cold!) before heading back to the car to go grab lunch.
We ended up tasting some delicious sushi at Gami Sushi right down the road (maybe a 15 minute drive) and I’ve added it to my list of spots to head back to while living in San Diego.

Things To Consider:

//  Get there early if you want free street parking – it fills up REALLY fast.

// Parking in the paid lot is $15 which if you’re not wanting to worry about getting there at a specific time is well worth the $15 in my opinion (this is what we did when we first went).

// There are a few parking spots on the upper level of the road but I’m pretty sure you have to pay to get to that parking as well; we simply parked at the bottom lot.

// Download the All Trails App! It will show you all the hikes in the area and which ones are closed due to erosion or anything else.

// If you don’t want to deal with a lot of crowds get there early (sunrise) or try it out on a week day.

// Take my advice and bring a picnic and blanket to sit down and enjoy the views and soak in the sunshine especially if you’re paying that $15 parking fee.

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