Friday Finds

I can’t believe the week is already over and March snuck it’s way in hardly seen.
I’ve been doing Whole30 (on day 19) and I want to rip the windows out of the wall (hows that for honesty?) I’m so frustrated. I am not 100% sure If i’ll finish this out or if I’ll just go back to eating more balanced healthy meals but right now I’m feeling rather defeated. Getting older BLOWS in regards to metabolisms and trying to loose weight; granted my metabolism has been crap for many years so I was hoping this would help to kick start it – oh well.

Now that I got the whiney part out of the way, let’s talk about good stuff!
I’ve been going on lots of hikes recently with other spouses from my husbands submarine and it’s been so very nice to get out doors, be active, and have some social time! I will say sometimes I feel just a little out of place because I’m the only one who normally goes without children so i’m not being a beast-mom and wearing that baby while hiking (seriously, they are amazing!) and I joke that I’m going to get a Tula and put Tobi in it and hike with him #CatMom. 🙂

+ I’ve been binge listening to the podcast Up & Vanished lately and I can’t stop! Back when I lived in Maine I was listening to S-Town & Serial during my morning and afternoon walks; since then I haven’t been walking like I should so I’m finding new podcasts to listen to ONLY when I go for walks (it helps to keep me motivated to get out there). What are some of your favorite podcasts similar to these? (I’m trying to create different lists: work/business, faith, mystery, crime, humor, etc)

+ This was an interesting post, 6 Mistake Even Smart Women Make With Their Money, I’ve been learning more and more about Mistake #2

+ Minimizing is something that has been pressed on my heart recently and I know it starts with de-cluttering so I’ll be paring through these two lists (one, two) over the next few weeks to make sure that I’m really being intentional with the stuff we do have, donating what I can, and just saying goodbye to what needs to leave.

+ I always get some weird kick out of seeing what other people eat (am I alone here?) so this post was well timed! What a nutritionist eats in 3 days.

+ Speaking of food, let’s talk delicious not-so-great-for-you-food that I plan to make when Whole30 is done – Ahem, Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie – YOU ARE WELCOME!

+ Has anyone here used Moon Dust? I’ve really been thinking of getting it and trying it out as I’ve heard a few people mention some excellent things about using them. I’ve been researching more holistic approaches to life and health and these keep coming up!

+ Over on my Recent Buys tab I just listed a bunch of stuff I’ve bought recently or will be buying! The mattress cover is AMAZING and I’m also still using my electric kettle daily (multiple times a day) and those tortilla wraps?! GET OUT OF TOWN!

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