March Goal Check In & Currently

I feel like this year has already flown by and here I am walking into the beginning of march wondering what all it will hold.
I’m always amazed at how time can sometimes fly by and simultaneously stand still – it’s such a finicky thing.
March is going to be a month of growth for me, I’m just going to claim that out front right now. I want to grow as an individual with knowledge of cooking healthier, working out smarter, and decluttering my life. I see diving in and trying to invest more in the growth of my blog business and photography business. I also hope to see deeper friendships flourish out of this season with me being more intentional.
March WILL be a good month, because I will make it happen.

PS. after seeing how Beth listed out her monthly goals I am going to give the layout a try and see if I like it better than how i’ve been writing these in the past.


+ Finish a book.

+ Cook a few healthy meals every week.

+ Finish hanging all of our pictures/curtains/etc.



+ Walk at least 3 miles a day for 5 times a week.

+ Do 3 additional workouts outside of hikes / walking.

+ Brain storm some new blog content.


+ Read my Bible.

+ Stretch.



Planning | OUR TRIP TO YOSEMITE!!! I booked our camping site the other night and now I get to plan all the things! If you’ve been before let me know what your favorite places to hike were, your must see spots, and if there are any little local shops we must hit if we head into town! (you can see all of my other travel posts here)

Seeing | Budgets. Eddie & I talked about budgets a few weeks ago and I’m really trying to be intentional in my purchases and not so frivolous. What budget system works for you?

Making | I’ve been making this delicious breakfast casserole as well as this bacon potato dill salad and eating on it throughout the week. It’s all gone right now so it’s time for another batch!

Pretending | Like my house isn’t a wreck and like I don’t have 10,000 things that I would like to accomplish before my husband gets back home.

Wearing | These shoes on repeat; I don’t think I’ve gone a day (except for when I’m hiking) without wearing them!

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