My Hope For This Week

Mondays are hard.
I was actually just texting two friends about this walk we are going to do this morning. It’s 6 miles around this beautiful lake in San Diego and we were trying to decide if we were going to jog or not – the amount of back and forth on what should be an easy decision was pretty dang hilarious. It also made me realize that this IS a Monday and I have A LOT I want to get accomplished this week so it’s time to make a list.

My hope is that today sets the stage for a week full of conscious eating, healthy movement, and decisive time management. The next few weeks are going to be all over the place with (hopefully) a small vacation for Eddie & I, some Navy stuff, family coming to visit, and then Beth coming to visit too! That means I need to get everything I want on the walls hung up, purge through the closets and intentionally walk through each room, make healthy meals, and be budget conscious. It also means that I want to be smart in my downtime, investing it wisely by crossing off some march goals and planning ahead for all of the adventures.

The truth is, for some reason this Monday is straight up hard for me. I’d like to blame it on the time change and not take any responsibility but that would be a lie.

This space is also for me to be real with myself and real with you.
I didn’t take time this weekend to plan out blog posts – in fact I’ve felt like no one reads this anyway so what’s the point (hormonal honesty haha). I haven’t felt inspired or encouraged to write and I’ve been surrounded with community again and that feels…well refreshing. Balance has quickly become a word I’m consistently reminding myself to use and the journey is just beginning.

So hello Monday!
Let’s do this.

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