Pantry Organization

Organization makes me happy.
You wouldn’t really know this from the current state of our house but trust me – my heart soars when things are tidy and in order. Has anyone else wanted to (or have) jumped on the minimalistic band-wagon? I have found a few decluttering lists that I want to start working through to purge the items that we don’t use, no longer need, and doesn’t have a home.

One of the main places I needed to start was the pantry.
Honestly since moving to San Diego we kind of just threw a few things that we had moved in and I’ve forgotten about it. I’ve also had to slowly start re-building my pantry necessities because a lot of them were used up / thrown away / not moved from Connecticut to San Diego. Needless to say this space was a hot mess and it needed some fixing up!

I ordered an embossing label maker off of amazon and swung by Hobby Lobby to pick up some glass jars (in fact they were 50% off, holla!) in different sizes and went to town. There are still a few more items I need to get larger jars for (nuts, coconut flakes, rice, etc) but that will come with time. So for now this is where my pantry stands; a nice little re-fresh and organization that seriously only took 30 minutes max (once I had everything purchased).


My Pantry Staples

+ Powdered Peanut Butter – Listen I LOVE all kinds of peanut/almond/cashew/sunflower butter but I am absolutely smitten to have over 1/2 the calories but full of flavor!

+ Chocolate Honeycomb – This is, by far, one of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had. It’s like having a butterfinger without the added guilt. (I buy in bulk at sprouts)

+ Elderberry Syrup – I try to take this every day to help boost my immune system and prevent illness!

+ Black Beans & Corn – If we’re running low on cooking ideas my go-to is burrito bowls with a ground meat, black beans, corn, guac/avocado, and maybe even a little rice!

+ Collagen Peptides – Muscle & joint recover for the win; plus helping to give your hair & nail boost is beyond delightful – and lots of protein per serving!

+ Single Serving Brown Rice – let’s keep it real, I LOVE carbs and rice is of them. I’ve found that the single serving helps me to portion control a lot better.

+ Apple Cider Vinegar –  ALWAYS WITH THE MOTHER!!! This really helps me with acid reflux and I used to take a few tablespoons daily which helped with my gut health and digestion – I need to get back into doing this.

+ Nuts – they make the perfect go-to snacks!

+ Chicken / Vegetable / Beef / Bone Stock – Perfect for adding to crockpot recipes, making soups, and stir frys!

+ Chia Seeds – I love adding them to overnight oats, adding to smoothies, pancakes, and oatmeal!

+ Chocolate Chips – I may be a little bias but this brand is my absolute favorite – dairy, nut & soy free! I add these little guys for everything!

+ Almond Flour – Always keep this on hand for any baking needs!

Label Maker & Glass Jars


What are your pantry must-haves?


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