Recent San Diego Eats

I’m a foodie.
Not like a “I need to hit up 3 new places a week” kind of girl but I really like food, good food, and trying new food. Every new city we go to I keep a list on my phone of places I hear about, see while driving, or find on instagram that peak my interest. I’ll be sharing two of the places we recently went to that I happened to have my camera as well as one of my other most-constant eateries since getting to San Diego!

As Mark Twain once said, “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”

Parakeet Cafe

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I had this cafe on the list of places to eat at before I even got to San Diego!
It’s located in La Jolla and after seeing the sea lions Eddie & I walked over to grab a bite. I need to go ahead and say that I LOVE that my husband is willing to try new things because I’m always dragging us to new restaurants that aren’t your typical eating and I think he kind of enjoyed his waffles?
Eddie ate: Matcha Waffle & a black coffee
I ate: Roasted Greens Bowl + 1 Egg & a turmeric latte – both were beyond scrumptious.
I have since gone back and eaten the waffles and they are uh-mazing, a different texture and flavor than a normal waffle but so dang good! I also got their blueberry kombucha on tap and a double chocolate cookie that my uterus was craving = yum yum.

Tajima Ramen Bar

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I have never really had traditional legit Ramen before eating here – and no i’m not counting the cheap walmart delicious ramen packets.
Maria & I walked over here after visiting Balboa Park and were ravenous and SO PUMPED to try something new. I am a large fan of gyoza and these completely knocked my tastebuds out of the park; talk about YUM! To be honest I wasn’t really 100% sure WHAT to order so I kind of just said I’ll do a traditional Ramen bowl (Tonkotsu Ramen) and maria did the same. Y’all it was like eating a huge warm hug! IT WAS SO GOOD! I felt like THIS would be the place to get some good comfort food or that soup you just need when you don’t feel well. I can’t wait to go back and get more of this; I seriously ate it until the last drop!

Elva’s Bowls and Wraps

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Eddie actually stumbled upon this place and mentioned it to me saying “it looks pretty healthy” to which I said “ok, ‘let’s go try it out!’.
I think I’ve eaten here already 5+ times in the almost 2 months I’ve lived here trying different bowls (you can build your own too), sauces, wraps, and sides.
Just yesterday I got the Traditional Wrap with jasmine rice, chicken, and some of their chips! They also have a little “bar” where you can get all of these sauces, hummus, and salsa to go with your meals. This will be the place I will frequent while we live here!

Have you been to San Diego and had any favorite places you’ve grabbed some grub at before?
Please share them with me so I can add them to my list! <3

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