April Goal Check In & Currently

We have family in town this week from South Carolina and it’s making my heart so happy!
My Aunt, Uncle, and one of my cousins are here and we are exploring San Diego like a pack of wild animals; it’s been so nice to spend time together doing so much and nothing at all. I’m finding that if I keep my days full and my nights easy life is starting to find that rhythm again and It’s slowly sinking in that San Diego is our home for now – not just another resting place for a few months. I will fully admit that it’s weird to be on the west coast and see the different culture and call it home – this southern girl is a little wide eyed. I’m also SUPER excited because Beth is hoping on a plane and coming to visit shortly and I can’t wait to spend some time together!

I’m also toying around with the idea of joining Orange Theory Fitness. I’ve done a few classes in the past and LOVED them but wasn’t ready to make that financial commitment. The more I’ve been thinking about it the more I’m seeing it as an investment in my health and a place where I can go and do some great workouts on top of my hikes and at-home stuff.


+ Finish a book.
Y’all I’m actually super upset that I didn’t accomplish this goal. I HAD THE TIME and I wasted it.

+ Cook a few healthy meals every week.
Done! I got back into the cooking grind an am now getting back into it even more.

+ Finish hanging all of our pictures/curtains/etc.
Literally just finished this on the last day of March! While we still have a few things to hang (trying to figure out their homes) for the most part everything is up on the walls and the curtains are hung! It’s finally feeling more like a home!


+ Learn how to use my NEW IntantPot! (do you have any favorite recipes?!)

+ Eat 90% of my meals at home.

+ See more places in San Diego!


+ Run at least 6 miles a week & pair it with HIIT/Tabata workouts – Or – do orange theory fitness 3-4x a week with hiking/at home workouts.

+ Try new recipes! Get out of the cooking rut I’m in and switch things up.

+ Put on makeup + actual clothing more than just one day. INSTEAD of always being in workout clothes. I’ve noticed I’ve not been making that a priority and personally it’s making me feel a little frumpy.


+ Read my Bible.

+ Stretch.

+ Plank Challenge.


Showering | With my new Saje Tingle Mint body wash  – it smells amazing and when you leave the shower you feel so refreshed! 

Cultivating | Some new friendships. It’s nice to get to know all of these new women in this new area who are just awesome. Making friendships as an adult is straight up hard; but it’s worth it when you get to know people and invest in them.

Expecting | To get back into reading – to attempt to finish a book sooner than later, and learn!

Making | My husband has been making some amazing pieces of furniture for the house recently and I can’t wait to share them.

Buying | These turkish towels! We now have 6 and they are THE BEST for every day use, when family comes into town, heading to the beach, or to just keep in your car. They dry super fast and don’t smell and just happen to be really pretty!

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