La Jolla Cove, San Diego

La Jolla Cove is one of the places a lot of people like to visit when hitting up San Diego.
I’ve actually been there a few times since I arrived and each time it’s really cool to see all of cute seals and sea lions. I’ll go ahead and tell you this though – sea lions STINKKKKKK and are very loud. They can also protect their own so don’t get too close to them while they are out sunbathing, that’s just a little tip from me to you. 😉

Parking can be squirrely over there so I suggest getting there early to find some parallel street parking along the cove itself or just drive up some of the side streets and try to find something up there. I would also bring some great walking shoes so you can get out and explore the area near the cove. There are some DELICIOUS places to eat including the Burger Lounge (below) and the Parakeet Cafe which I’ve been to and both are so dang tasty. La Jolla is considered one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world and is home to some really fun places to shop, food to eat, and sites to explore. Like in the main park where the Cove is near there is this HUGE tree that everyone (well people I’ve talked to) call sit the Dr. Seuss tree. Something I’ve learned since being out here is that so many of the plants and trees look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss novel and it’s so fun and beautiful.

My advice would be that if you’re making a trip soon to San Diego, make sure you add La Jolla to your list!
Personally I can’t wait to get out there and explore even more of the beautiful beach town!

A few places to check out while in La Jolla


+ Parakeet Cafe
+ Burger Lounge
+ Cody’s At La Jolla
+ Duke’s
+ Storehouse Kitchen
+ Puesto



+ See the Seals & Seal Lions
+ Sunny Jim Cave
Windansea Beach
+ Do a Bike or Kayak Tour
+ La Jolla Open Aire Market
Torrey Pines Gliderport
Museum Of Contemporary Art, La Jolla Edwards Sculpture Garden
Architectural Tours Of The Salk Institute


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