Let’s Keep It Real

Weight sucks.
Comparison sucks.
Feeling less than sucks.
Clothes not fitting sucks.

That’s a whole lot of suck, so sorry grandma if you’re reading this post.

I have been stepping on the scale recently and have had tears well up in my eyes every single time, and not good tears.

My weight has been a struggle for a long, long time.
If you’ve been around these parts you know all about my weight loss journey. For those of you who are new let me give you a little refresher.
At my heaviest I was about 215. I started slowly changing my lifestyle towards healthy in 2013 and by 2015 I straight crushed it! I got down to my goal weight of 145 and it was so freeing. I had never seen my adult body at that weight, heck I probably hadn’t seen it since my freshman year of high school. After seeing where I was and how I felt I knew I wanted to drop a other 10 lbs. Instead I fell in love and we got married; I got super comfortable because Eddie loves me no matter what, we moved a lot (4 times in one year!), and dealt with a ton of stress and change. All legit excuses but still excuses.
The weight piled back on and today I’m sitting at an uncomfortable 165. Writing that makes me feel shame. I feel sadness and frustration and this ugly sense of self loathing – and thats no longer okay with me.

I can be A LOT Of talk with no action sometimes, can’t we all? So instead of simply just saying I need to make a change I am really trying to step up my routines and make better choices. The truth is – I do not struggle with working out, I struggle with food. I don’t eat poorly all the time, in fact I eat rather healthy, but my portions are way off. I eat too much and too often. That’s my kryptonite – food. Here is what I’m planning to do moving forward.

Cooking at home
Limit eating out
Eating real food

Orange theory

Motivation on my mirrors (you’ll see a post on that soon)
Diving into a bible study


+ 30lbs by 30.
I turn 30 in about 6 months (eek!) and I really want to feel my absolute best moving into my 30s. I want to hit this new goal weight and feel stronger than ever.

+ Limit processed everything.

+ Practice and nail down portion control.

+ Have more positive self-talk.

Do you have any fitness / health goals?
What are you doing with working toward accomplishing them?
Or maybe you some tips for my journey, I would love to hear them!


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