Sequoia Snapshots & The General Sherman Tree

As you’ve probably already guessed we’re quickly becoming obsessed with National Parks!
Actually Eddie & I have made it one of our marriage goals to hit all the National Parks (so far we’ve hit Acadia together and we aren’t counting the parks we’ve hit separately).

Since we only had a day + a few hours the night before in the park we wanted to make sure that we explored the roads that were open as well as just stop and soak in all the pretty quiet places. I still can’t get over how NOT crowded the place was (granted it was a week day in March) – it was like having the park to ourselves a lot.

One of the main places Eddie wanted to make sure I saw was the General Sherman Tree outside of the Giant Forest. The parking lot was full there (even on a slow winter day) so we drove a little ways down and parked on a pull off then walked to the entrance. There was this fallen tree that they carved out a walk-through (which was gorgeous) to get onto one of the loop trails and we stared at all the huge Sequoias. Once I saw the General Sherman tree my jaw hit the floor, this tree was HUGE! When you scroll down you’ll see the size comparison of myself vs the base of the tree.

We truly loved our short get-away to Sequoia National Park and honestly I want to go back there soon!

See the cottage where we stayed in Sequoia National Park!

See the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park!

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