Cabrillo Tide Pools

Eddie was telling me the other day that he “loves San Diego Amy” because I’m truly thriving out here.
I made him walk me through it because it was the first time I had heard him mention something about “San Diego Amy” and I’m a woman who needs more explanation! He said that back when we lived in Maine it was my first time away from Charleston and I’m I arrived during the dead of winter, I knew absolutely no one, and he found my inside a lot. Connecticut I went out exploring more, hitting up new towns, and even making a few friends through The Rising Tide (a creative community) and a few other Navy Wives. Now that I’m In California I really have gotten myself used to the pattern of, find a place, get in the car and go explore it! I also have made some amazing friends here, my tribe, and we hike together, do movie nights, coffee dates, and just see new areas of San Diego (and beyond). My calendar is full again and I’m back to that place of shuffling things around to fit in more things with more people.

I will fully admit, I needed this. I NEEDED this place that I’m at now, to show me what all is possible.
I thought I would only be able to really thrive back in Charleston; that would be my home base and everywhere else, well I would just make work. I’m so glad I was wrong. Personally I think it comes from being able to be vulnerable, letting people in, and building those friendships. I think my tribe is what is helping me to enjoy this new town, annnnddddd the weather helps too! One of the many things I’m loving about San Diego is the ability to get out side, explore, and stay active all year long.

Take for instance this past weekend, the husband and I took a day-date out to Cabrillo National Monument and walked the path along the tide pools. Cabrillo has quickly become one of my favorite places to go spend time and walk around; I was actually there a week ago to just lay on the rocks and read a book because it’s so dang calming. The morning started with this brisk chill that always seems to linger on the coastline. That’s something that I’m still getting used to out here, the lack of humidity paired with a cold breeze makes it hard for me to figure out how to dress; so I’m always either wearing pants + a tank or carrying a cardigan. I recently received this tank & pants from prAna and this was the perfect weather day to wear them out while strolling along along the coastal cliffs at the tide pools. It definitely helps when my clothes are super comfy, breathable and ethical!!
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Learning more about prAna’s mission makes me even more motivated to purchase clothes and accessories from their company; prAna uses 100% organic cotton & implements a lot of fair trade and sustainable values throughout their products and company, basically a win win here. Fun fact: Knowing that I would be doing lots of walking/climbing this outfit was the perfect choice and I finally took my new Chacos out for a spin and am super impressed (thanks Meg & Beth for introducing me to Chacos!).

A Quick Run Down On Cabrillo

You’re able to go down to the tide pools and walk the path that takes you up around around the cliff area, visit the small museum telling you all about the importance of the monument, seeing the monument itself, and then going on a few other trails that are in the area. You also pass the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on your way into the monument and it is like being in the presence of a small Arlington Cemetery; it is truly humbling and reminds you the price of freedom.

There are bathrooms at the far left entrance as well as a guide that normally stands there to ask any questions you may have regarding the tide pools.

The museum part is normally open right after you’re able to enter the park. It’s a quick little walk through that explains the history of the area and personally I found it to be super informative. ((there are also bathrooms and a gift shop right by the museum)) The Monument itself is a super short walk from the museum and is breath taking to look at with the San Diego skyline behind it!

There is one main trail that goes to the right of the monument and all the way down to the bottom (It’s about 2 miles) and it’s really beautiful; I also think there is another shoot off trail from this main one but haven’t tried it out myself yet.
There is another trail at the tide pools.

* I suggest bringing a towel to sit on, pack a lunch (or snacks), and wear some great fitting shoes.


Outfit Details

Foundation Scoop Neck Tank% | Shala Pant% | prAna Tote% | Chaco Maya II Sandals 

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