Friday Finds

We are a few days away from the middle of May and I can’t believe it!
This past week I’ve been kind of knocked down by what I believe to be Allergies (or a weird cold) that has made me feel so drained and underwhelmed but I think I’m finally on the upswing.
Tomorrow I’m heading to Sub Ball for the first time and I’m REALLY excited!!!! I’m sure Eddie is super pumped for me to drag him onto the dance floor and embarrass him in front of his coworkers ;). I’ve already gotten a dress and am heading out today to get an pedicure, I’m really looking forward to a fun night out!


+ So, I’m looking into Keto. After a few of my friends have made it a part of their life I’ve been looking into it to see if it’s something I would benefit from adding into my life. I watched the documentary on Netflix called “The Magic Pill” that talks about Keto and the diet that most people had before the industrial revolution, and it makes sense. Thinking back to my own health journey I felt the most healthy, lost the most weight, and felt the strongest when I was eating like this (without even realizing it was keto). Have any of you tried Keto? Tell me about it. (if you’re interested I’ve also created a Pinterest Board for Keto!)

+ This off the shoulder romper is SO CUTE and perfect for summer!

+ I’m looking into growing my email list and what that would look like for A Loved Life. Shout out to Sam for her amazing post on a Blue Print to Grow Your Email List. *great read!*

+ With feeling sick lately I’ve been using the Eucalyptus Roll-On & rotating diffusing between Deep Breath, Fighting Five, & Guardian. Sometimes I have all three going at once in different rooms in my house to help me breath better #OilOverload? nahhhhh.

+ This strappy leather sandal is amazing and paired with this bag scream coastal vacation to me! ((*both are on sale today!*))



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// Sequoia Snapshots & The General Sherman Tree


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