May Goal Check In & Currently

The first two days have been a little gloomy over here in San Diego.
We’ve had overcast and rainy days and super cool temperatures that remind me of fall – personally I’ve been loving it, but I’m also ready for that good ol’ sunshine!
It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine around here thought, let me just keep it real for a second. Eddie has been gone a lot and that’s been super super SUPER hard. The good thing that comes out of it it is more girl-time with the ladies going hiking, watching movies, and just hanging out and chatting. I’ve really come into an amazing tribe of woman who band together to support, encourage, and inspire each other – I’m beyond thankful!


+ Learn how to use my NEW IntantPot! (do you have any favorite recipes?!)
I’m so sad to report my InstantPot is STILL sitting in it’s box. It’s my goal to make a recipe with it in the next week though!

+ Eat 90% of my meals at home.
HA. No. I struggled so hard with this, with Beth visiting, seeing Joshua Tree, and all the other things I ate out more than I wanted to.

+ See more places in San Diego!


+ Go to at least 9 Orange Theory Fitness classes.

+ Eat 90% of my meals at home; this should be doable.

+ Work on Blog content.


+ MAKE AN INSTANT POT RECIPE. Seriously Amy, do it, you even created a pin board full of yummy ideas.

+ Focus on business!!!! Blog content, planning out posts, instagram, facebook, pinterest, ya know, all the fun things.

+ Do devotionals / Bible Studies.


+ Go to bed earlier.

+ Eat more clean/real food.

+ Strengthen my relationship with God.


Celebrating | Baby showers! I’m opening up my home for a sweet dual baby shower this weekend and I can’t wait to show these mamas some love!

Creating | New morning drinks. I finally ordered some moon juice items (specifically dream dust, sex dust & lucuma ) to add to my routine and I’ve sincerely noticed a difference. All the adaptogens help with stress, anxiety, muscle function, inflammation, etc. I’m still doing my research but overall It’s been great! I add it to my smoothies, protein pancakes, or even to some warm milk at night. ((**use this link to get 20% off your first purchase**))

Wearing | Comfy cute clothes and Activewear like it’s my life. These leggings, this tee on repeat; I’ll be more fashionable some other day.

Sharing | THIS DIY if you’re a cat owner. You’re welcome in advance, it’s changed everything in our house!

Going | Through my house. I’ve been feeling the need to minimize and simply, so it’s time to start going room to room again to get rid of some things.

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