San Diego Days

Reading new books.
Feeling the loneliness of the separation when Eddie is gone and filling my time up.
Hitting up Orange Theory Fitness Classes.
Marketing to new photography clients.
Cooking up some new meals.
Getting in the car, getting lost, and exploring new areas.
Creating blog content.
Spending time with new friends.
Hoping to minimize and purge things. (updating my poshmark soon!)
Missing my family.
Learning to budget and stop frivolous spending.


It may sound like a lot of fun around here and trust me, most of the time it is, but I know it’s all for a season.
The last year (and almost a half!) of my life has been full of crazy changes, different states, loosing friendships, gaining friendships, loss, joy, challenges and so much more. Being able to take a breather, figure out who I am as a person and as a wife in this new area has been such an interesting transition. I’m slowly working on some more “here’s what my heart has been processing” posts but I’m just not ready to hit publish yet.

Which means today I’m giving you a small glimpse of what the days could look like around here, and trust me, Netflix is always on the table.

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