Spring Buys!

Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner!
I wanted to share with y’all some of my recent buys as well as those items I’m currently keeping an eye on. I always get a kick out of the products people use in their day to day life and wy they love them and figured today was the day I would share with y’all!
What have been some of your favorite purchases this spring season?

Brainiac by Good Chemistry Perfume – $12.99 
This smells heavenly. I happened to be trolling through Target (let’s be honest don’t we always do that) and I saw the new scents out and immediately started smelling. This one grabbed a hold of my heart, shook it, and I kind of fell in love. *It’s also Paraben-free, Vegan, Dye-free, Phthalate-free, Aluminum-free and made with essential oils.

Large Rattan Basket – $34.99
This would make a perfect blanket / toy / wrapping paper / pillow / etc holder. I could also see it as a super cute laundry basket and would compliment any room!

Flamingo Sleep Shorts $12.99
I have a thing for flamingos; they are just such a graceful and hilarious creature that I needed to have on my shorts!
They are beyond comfortable and the matching top makes me so happy!

Fair Trade Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp $44-64 (depending on size)
I love having salt lamps in my house; I have 2 with me here in San Diego and I think 1 or 2 more left in Charleston.
They add such a nice ambiance to the room and have tons of healing properties; plus they make amazing nightlights.

Mattress Pad – ON SALE $29.69
How exciting right? It was such an adult “we need a new one” purchase and I’m so happy that I got it. It’s just the right amount of fluffy

Carved Dot Natural Wood Floor Mirror $84.99
The detail in this – YES PLEASE! This is the perfect floor mirror to add a little boho to any room.

Bach Rescue Pastilles Orange/Elderflower  $6.92
These are perfection.
I struggle with falling asleep if Eddie is out of town and these are amazing to help me unwind for my day and fall asleep easily. I love that they aren’t full of chemicals and are more of a natural approach to relieving stress.

American Flag Thread Wallet $14.95
This is THE BEST for those days out and about

Roolen Humidifier $69.95
This is legit the best purchase I’ve made over the last few weeks.
I’ve been having super dry skin, chapped lips and my eczema is flaring up.

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