June Goal Check In & Currently

Oh hello summer!
I’m so excited for some good ol’ beach days, hammock evenings, and good books to read through! I’m currently reading King’s Cage and hope to finish the series in the next two weeks. I’ve been spending the last month going on lots of awesome hikes, spending time with new friends, and finding my rhythm out here in San Diego! It’s still so weird that I’m calling this place home for now.


Go to at least 9 Orange Theory Fitness classes.
YES! I think I ended up doing 11 classes this past month and it was amazing and so challenging!

+ Eat 90% of my meals at home; this should be doable.
Hmmmm I don’t think I fully followed this. I would say like 70% at home. I was a little bad.

+ Work on Blog content.
I definitely did work on this, just not to the extent I wanted to.


+ Hit up at least 7 OTF classes (I’ll be traveling a good chunk of the month).

+ Continue to eat at least 90% KETO.

+ Love on Eddie hard when I can; be mindful of our time together, put the phone down and just soak it all in.


+ Try new essential oil diffusor blends.

+ Stay on top of business work with the blog & photography.

+ See if I can get back into intermitted fasting.


+ STRETCH! I’ve been so stiff lately.

+ Talk to Jesus more. I have been just BLAH in my relationship with God and I need to put in more effort

+ Drink lots, and lots of water!


Traveling | Back to Charleston and I am SO EXCITED! I’ve got some house projects to complete, family & friends to see, and some delicious southern beach time to soak in. 

Grilling | Delicious burgers. Y’all just get some grass fed beef and mix in some grilled onions, minced garlic, coco aminos, salt & pepper, and then GRILL THEM. Your taste buds will thank me later! 🙂

Exploring | Books! I’ve always been a lover of books and I feel like the last year I really haven’t been reading like I used to. I’m hoping with all of this warmer weather I’ll get a book in my hands more often and just soak in some good ol’ pages!

Planting | All the herbs. We made some basil martins the other night using the basil from my garden and it was so beyond tasty!

Playing | With my hair! I’m about to chop it off and let the blue go for a while, it will be a new season for me that’s for sure!

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