My Weekend | June Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “My Weekend’s Post” in fact, the last one was June of 2016!!!! I wanted to start adding them back into the rotation to help keep a collection of memories and bench marks throughout this season of my life. So much has been changing so quickly that the days start to bleed together and I often find myself trying to remember what all I have been up to when people ask, and boy do they ask! So here is a little snippet of my past weekend!


I’m including Thursday because I had an amazing session out here in San Diego that allowed me to crank out my creativity and have lots of fun and wanted to share some of the images!


Oh y’all, Friday was “the big chop!” I chopped off all my hair (if you saw my instastories you’ve already seen this!) and I’m still getting used to it! It hasn’t been this short in at least 8 years, so that’s saying something. Eddie has actually never seen my hair short so I’m interested to see what he thinks about it when he sees it! That evening I ended up heading over to one of the smaller local beaches for a couple’s session and while walking on the rocks totally fell and scrapped up my foot decently as well as jarred my shoulder from breaking my fall with my hand. It was not my most graceful moment and my body has been sore yesterday and today. I’m also super frustrated that I fell because it’s going to limit my workouts until my foot fully heals and my shoulder. GRRRR.


My friend Nicole and I completed the Coast To Crest Challenge with Volcan Mountain and let me tell you, we haven’t done any “hard hikes” recently so that one kicked our butt. When I got back to the house after running some errands I ran next store and chatted with my friend, and neighbor Sam about some stuff, and ended the night in a much-needed bath.


I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, (seriously 3AM) and got on the road to drive an hour to a sunrise outdoor boudoir session! We had so much fun watching the sunrise over the mountains but man I was so tired when I got home! I attempted to take a nap, but my body just doesn’t allow that to happen 🙁 – So I got up instead to clean. I even took 30 minutes to go go layout in the backyard. I’m trying to get my base tan up before family beach time! I finished the night with a devotional since I missed church that morning and quickly passed out.

All in all, the weekend was glorious!

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