July Goal Check In & Currently Happening

Happy Independence Day!
Make sure you take the time to remember what we are celebrating today, why we are celebrating, and to celebrate responsibly. Here’s a little PSA: If you’re planning to party tonight please plan ahead and get a DD or order an Uber or Lyft, too many people get behind the wheel thinking they are ok and end up taking a life.

Eddie is currently smoking a HUGE Pork Shoulder for some homemade BBQ and he has been making some delicious Carolina BBQ Sauce that is literally like eating liquid heaven. We plan to go for a bike ride today and then enjoy some time together and with friends. Nothing too fancy this year which is so nice to actually not deal with crowds and deal with people but just soak in our time together.


+ Hit up at least 7 OTF classes (I’ll be traveling a good chunk of the month).
Y’all, I DID THIS! I think I ended up doing 9 classes in June!

+ Continue to eat at least 90% KETO.
EEK. Yeah, no I failed on this. I would say I did about 70% KETO and then with traveling and what not I just kind of fell off the bandwagon.

+ Love on Eddie hard when I can; be mindful of our time together, put the phone down and just soak it all in.
This definitely happened. We haven’t had much time together in the last year so I’m learning to just soak in the time we do have and not mellow in the sadness of all the time we don’t spend together. That being said, we’re still finding our balance and I definitely need to put my phone/computer/tv down more often.


+ Make my “See On The West Coast” list of everything I would like to hit before leaving the West Coast.

+ Clean up my Photography Website & Blog Design.

+ Read 2 books.


+ Get some Photography Blog posts done.

+ Work on the Bible Study I’m currently doing with my friend Maria.

+ Hit up OTF at least 2-3x a week.


+ Be productive with my time.

+ Keep that stretch game strong.

+ Work on my skin care routine.


Celebrating | Time with Eddie!!! We get to spend so much time together this month (than what we’ve had in the last few months) so I’m excited to get that time together! 

Visiting | Explore more of San Diego and possibly finally go to Harry Potter World!

Baking | All the  Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (seriously, SO GOOD!)

Wearing | Lots of athletic wear, it’s basically what I live in now and I’m not even mad about it! This is one of the MANY reasons I love my Ellie Activewear Subscription Box – You get an amazing box delivered to you monthly full of an entire workout outfit and/or clothes + workout gear.

Loving | The nice weather, good time with friends, and getting back into my workout and work routine. Just appreciating where I am in life right now and not focussing on what struggles could be around the corner.

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