Take time for fun

“Snowflakes fall from high.
Flurries lift and twirl below.
The world has turned white.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

Maine has been getting some crazy snowfall this winter.
There was one weekend we had to have gotten like 16+ inches…for this southern girl that is crazy sauce!
Every time the snowfall starts you can find me plastered to a window with a little gap in my mouth staring at how beautiful it is. I’ve still woken up in the middle of the night a few times to watch the snow come down, it’s just that pretty. A few weeks ago Eddie was sweet enough to come out and play in the snow with me. Now – i’ve been around snow, i’ve even been standing in some flurries – but being outside when the snow is actually COMING DOWN was a new experience for me. Obviously it’s cold, but man…it’s cold. The snow keeps hitting you everywhere and i’m running around with my mouth open trying to catch all of the snowflakes and Eddie just stands there laughing at me.

We could have taken that time to go get groceries, do some house cleaning, curl up and watch a something inside because it’s cold outside…but instead we wanted to just have some fun in fresh air. Were we cold at points? Heck yes. Did we have sniffles for a few hours after, you better believe it! Yet we made time for fun. I really believe that having fun with the person you’re with (spouse, relationship, friendship, family, etc) is so important. Put the screens down, walk outside, and explore.

By the time we got inside my hair was soaking wet, my fingers were numb, and my nose was running wild. Yet there was this twinkle in our eyes, full of joy and child-like innocence. We took some time to step back and be kids again, and it was beyond worth it.

p.s. If you’re playing with snow – invest in gloves. I sure did after grabbing handfuls of freezing water!

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