How to build community as an adult.”That is what courage is: it is acting
in the face of fear.”

Amy Bartol


Age: 31
Occupation: Blogger & Photographer & OTF lover
Loves: Jesus, my husband, chocolate anything, kombucha, meaningful conversation, and tobi (the cat) among many other things.
Hometown: Charleston, SC

Hi friends!
I’m Amy and I’m the girl behind the blog.
Hikes, mountains, movies, and deep conversations are my jam!
I’m a combination of spazz, softness, laughter, and brashness.
I love exploring new areas and seeing all of the beautiful people & things this world has to offer – which is hilarious if you knew me 5 years ago! I struggle with anxiety and am a weird face maker and over talker.
I recently married the love of my life and have now entered the journey of a military spouse. Life is about to become a whole new adventure!
Won’t you join me?


I love stories.
For as long as I can remember I’ve loved getting lost in a book or conversation with someone. Connecting all the fractions of each event to create this beautiful glowing web of a situation…it’s just lovely.
A Loved Life started as a place to keep track of my story under the name Taking Steps Home.
Sharing house and life projects with my little circle of family and friends and as the years have bled together – meeting some of the most amazing individuals and hearing some incredible stories.

A Loved Life is now a place that feels like a second skin.
It’s sharing new chapters, fears, joys, and adventures.
It’s a place to connect with each of you and with amazing brands.
It’s a slice of home when you’re feeling homesick.

This is my place to capture stories.
Won’t you join me in getting lost in the words.


+ Our Sunroom
+ God’s Faithfulness Through Singleness.
+ How to build community as an adult.

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I make money in a few different ways using the blog – working with brands for sponsored posts, affiliates, and photography.
I pride myself on only accepting sponsored items that I truly support and would recommend, I promise you’ll always get an honest review from me.
If I am ever being paid for a blog post, it will be disclosed within the post that it is sponsored and any gifted items will be marked using %.
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